Growth of Play

The Milton Pickleball Association is aware of the huge population growth in Milton and that it is primarily young families.  Historically, the majority of pickleball players have been seniors who play during the day when facilities are more available.  The Milton Pickleball Association wants to see the sport grow in Milton and we see that growth potential the highest with families.  The challenge is having court time available when parents and/or their children have the time - in the evenings.

Two areas that needed enhancement were additional pickleball court lines on outdoor shared-use courts for fair weather play and evening time slots at the indoor drop-in facilities.  The Association  approached the Town about lines being installed at the Bronte Meadows Park tennis courts.  This request was supported by Recreation staff, budget money was assigned for 2020 and lines were added to the courts.  Indoor evening time slots have also been requested.  The Town added sessions at the Milton Sports Centre and Leisure Centre on weekend evenings.

Our big news is, in September 2022,  the completion of 3 dedicated pickleball courts at the Community Sports Park.  The Town converted a set of 3 basketball half-courts into brand new, resurfaced, pickleball courts which includes windscreens.

The Association is prepared to investigate renting space in Milton if we see there is interest.  If playing pickleball in Milton interests you, please drop us a line by completing our Contact Us form and tell us a little about yourself, including - how many members of your family would like to play, days and times you would be available, do you have any previous racquet experience - what ever you like.

Thanks for your interest in the MPA and in Pickleball.  Hope to see you on the courts!

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