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Interesting Pickleball Items

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"Let's Stay Healthy Together"

Summer is here and everyone is outdoors.  Our thanks to all that contributed.  We've closed the page.

Court Sharing Procedure - Milton Velodrome
Court Sharing Procedure - Milton Leisure Centre (coming soon)


Support PBC in their efforts to grow Pickleball into a recognized sport

Where To Get Pickleball Equipment (Suggestions only)
Approved balls for indoor play in Ontario are Onix Pure 2 Indoor Balls

* Balls - A Milton Pickleball Association Board Member for $4 each
* Equipment - Paddles, shoes, clothing, etc. - Pickleball 365 (Ian Campbell & Jodi Lum)
Online at ...
Local stores like ... (these stores are not promoted by MPA, only mentioned by members as possible places to purchase equipment)
* Li-Ning Badminton Superstore, Burlington (and online)